Pass Christian Historical Society
"Pass Christian… where the climate, people and surroundings are all delightful." — Theodore Roosevelt

Scenic Drive Historic District

101 East Scenic Drive

HD#75. 1890s. Picturesque, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, commercial structure with chamfered entrance and inset galleries sheltering sidewalk on southern and western elevations. Early four-light with transom storefront windows. Originally stood two stories high with rooms over sidewalk overhang.

107 East Scenic Drive

HD#113. “Lazar-Griffon Pharmacy”. Ca. 1920. One-story brick commercial structure with ca. 1970 board-and-batten pseudo-Colonial facade. Originally built as a duplex with central chamfered entrances. Extensively remodeled after damaged by Hurricane Camille in 1969.

111 East Scenic Drive

HD#112. “Avalon Theater Building”. Ca. 1940. Two-story, stuccoed, brick, commercial structure with stepped parapet facade. Flat-roofed balcony-shelters sidewalk. Undistinguished new brick storefront added to first level.

115 East Scenic Drive

HD#111. “Rafferty Building”. Ca. 1930. Two-story, stuccoed, brick, commercial, row structure with four separate storefronts and common access to second level. French doors service new iron balcony carried by plain iron poles. Facade extensively reworked after Hurricane Camille.

121 East Scenic Drive

HD#74. Ca. 1905. Long, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, shotgun-form dwelling with inset gallery. Side-hall plan. Surviving member of a pair of structures built to house workers of local seafood-canning factory.

123 East Scenic Drive

HD#110. Ca. 1920. Undistinguished, one-story, frame, gable-roofed structure with inset gallery. Exposed rafter ends. Originally service building for one-story frame cottage. Razed some time after 1969.

125 East Scenic Drive

HD#73. “Adam House”. Ca. 1885. Originally one-story, frame, hip-roofed, inset-gallery cottage. Enlarged to two stories by a boxy full-length addition that once featured a picturesquely detailed gabled end. Nicely detailed millwork on gallery.

141 East Scenic Drive

HD#126a. St. Paul’s Rectory. 1963. Plain, two-story, brick veneer structure incorporating an earlier frame building. Part of the church complex of buildings.

151 East Scenic Drive

HD#126b. St. Paul’s Catholic Church and School. 1956-1970. Complex of three major buildings, focal point of which is contemporary, triangular, poured-concrete church (1972). Utilitarian, two-story brick school (1970) and separate gymnasium (1956) to the rear.

203 East Scenic Drive

HD#72. “Lang Building”. Ca. 1910. One-story, stuccoed-and-scored-brick, Neo-Classical, commercial structure with portico in antis. Parapet set above overhanging modillioned cornice hides flat roof. Three-bay facade provides side entrance to rear offices and central, double-leaf door to former tile-floored banking room. Built as the Bank of Pass Christian.

207 East Scenic Drive

HD#109. “Bohn Building”. Ca. 1950. Boxy, two-story, frame, asbestos-siding-sheathed, commercial-residential duplex built to the street. Although the first level storefront has been remodeled in the 1970s with plate-glass windows and board-and-batten siding, the location of central chamfered entrance survives.

213 East Scenic Drive

HD#108. “Allen Building”. 1920s. 1970. One-story, brick, flat-roofed, commercial building built to the street. Facade distinguished by stepped parapet. Remodeled with small-light plate-glass windows and pent roof. Originally built to house post office.

219 East Scenic Drive

HD#107. Ca. 1880. Long, narrow, one-story, frame, shotgun-form, vernacular dwelling set gable end to street. Built as rental cottage. Deteriorated.

221 East Scenic Drive

HD#71. “Town Library”. Antebellum. Early one-story four-bay frame cottage originally built to the street with an inset gallery sheltering sidewalk. Front portion apparently built in two sections. Moved back from street to present location in 1905 by the Ladies Library Association when it acquired the property.

225 East Scenic Drive

HD#70. “Knost House”. Ca. 1840. Originally one-story two-room cottage with inset gallery and nogging construction. Box fireplaces with plain Grecian mantels in original rooms. Various enlargements over the years. Most original of Pass Christian’s early dwellings.

233 East Scenic Drive

HD#69. “Saucier Cottage”. Ca. 1875. Typical story-and-a-half, four-bay, frame cottage with inset gallery with square columns. Reputedly built by Saucier family. Vacant and deteriorating.

243 East Scenic Drive

HD#68. “Saucier-Pratt House”. Ca. 1855. Impressive, two-story, frame, double-pile, Greek Revival dwelling distinguished by one-bay pedimented portico set against inset gallery. Cast-iron filagree balustrade. Dining room, solarium, and porte-cochere added in 1910. Octagonal garconnaire built ca. 1890.

251 East Scenic Drive

HD#125. “Wharton’s Hardware Building”. 1935. Undistinguished, modern, one-story, brick-veneer, commercial building added to earlier frame, hip-roofed, vernacular structure. Central chamfered entrance flanked by range of full-length, small-light windows. Deep, board parapet.

255 East Scenic Drive

HD#67. Ca. 1880. 1910. Randomly massed story-and-a-half frame cottage that evolved from a typical one-story, five-bay, inset gallery cottage. Picturesque millwork on gallery. Curious oversized gabled dormer added to original hip roof to raise house. Numerous rear additions in poor condition.

263 East Scenic Drive

HD#106. “Nelson Hotel”. Ca. 1925. Large, two-story, brick, flat-roofed structure that incorporates slightly earlier two-story garage. Stepped massing and utilitarian styling. Twelve-over-one sash of varying sizes used throughout. Operated as hotel until 1975. Vacant and deteriorating.

265 East Scenic Drive

HD#65. “Hancock Bank”. 1928. 1965-67. Monumental, two-story, Beaux Artes, commercial structure of blond brick and sandstone. Sandstone facade detailed with Corinthian columns in antis carrying entablature and decorative parapet. Clustered one-over-one sash windows on east elevation. Monolithic brick addition to western side. Interior retains most of its original detailing, including decorative ceiling plasterwork, marble banking counter, and vault frontispiece. Most distinguished commercial building in the district.

301 East Scenic Drive

HD#124. “Standard Oil Station”. Ca. 1970. Undistinguished, modern, syndicated-design service station.

305 East Scenic Drive

HD#105. “Bielenberg House”. Ca. 1925. One-story, five-bay, gable-roofed, bungalow-style dwelling. Flat-roofed gallery with plain, square, brick piers shelters facade. Built on site of Mexican Gulf Hotel.

309 East Scenic Drive

HD#64. Ca. 1890. Neatly proportioned and detailed one-story, frame, five-bay, Colonial Revival dwelling with three-bay pedimented portico set against inset gallery. Square columns with molded caps. Good example of early local form continued through the early twentieth century. Moved twice. Originally cottage for Mexican Gulf Hotel.

313 East Scenic Drive

HD#63. Ca, 1890. One-story frame vernacular cottage with inset gallery. Two-room plan with central interior chimney. Pergola-like porte-cochere and side porch added after 1930. Originally cottage for Mexican Gulf Hotel.

317 East Scenic Drive

HD#62. Ca. 1895. One-story frame hip-roof cottage with inset gallery. Stylized Tuscan columns carry simple entablature that continues around house. Well preserved.

319 East Scenic Drive

HD#61. Ca, 1895. Unusually massed, one-story, frame, hip-roofed cottage with an attached shed-roofed gallery. Board-and-batten sheathed rear ell attached to main house by small frame hyphen.

323 East Scenic Drive

HD#104. Ca. 1950. Modest, hip-roofed, two-bay-by-two-bay cottage with (now enclosed) inset gallery. Rear ell added. Built as caretaker’s house for War Memorial Park.

401 East Scenic Drive

HD#60. “Rhodes Store”. 1876. Twentieth century additions. Altered two-story frame commercial structure built to the street with double-tiered gallery, now set with iron members. Western section has gambrel roof with pedimented dormers; eastern section has hip roof. Parapet originally screened roof ends. Curious Eastlake-style oriele window on second level of eastern elevation. Although much of original (or early) trim has been lost, the interesting massing of the structure survives.

403 East Scenic Drive

HD#59. Ca. 1890. Picturesquely massed, two-story, frame dwelling with deep three-bay-wide projecting central pavilion. Hip-roofed gallery wraps around three sides of house set with slender fluted Doric columns. Richly detailed with bracketted eaves and shingled upper level. Operable louvered blinds.

409 East Scenic Drive

HD#123. Ca. 1960. One- and two-story, brick, split-level. Two-story frame guesthouse to rear. Stylistically incompatible with older neighboring structures.

413 East Scenic Drive

HD#58. “Soria-Law House”. 1900. Handsomely proportioned, raised, one-story, frame, hip-roofed dwelling with bungaloid and Colonial Revival styling. Inset gallery with coupled Tuscan columns. Central entrance bay set with broad, circular-headed frontispiece surrounding French doors and corresponding side lights,which also open. Single bungaloid dormer. Commodious central hall, double-pile plan interior. Colonial Revival mantels. Built by Frank Wittmann. Unaltered.

415 East Scenic Drive

HD#57. 1890s. Boxy, two-story, frame, vernacular dwelling set gable end to street. Double-tiered gallery with octagonal end on first level features earlier Eastlake-style millwork on the second level and Colonial Revival, coupled Tuscan columns,on the first. Balcony with exterior staircase and exterior end chimney on east elevation replaced after fire in 1975.

419 East Scenic Drive

HD#56. “Barksdale House”. Ca. 1910. Handsomely proportioned and detailed, two-story, frame, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling with matching end solaria. Pedimented entrance hood carried on slender Tuscan columns. Early example of academic Colonial Revival style. Built by Frank Wittmann.

423 East Scenic Drive

HD#122. Ca. 1965. Modest, one-story, blond-brick, hip-roofed dwelling Unlandscaped.

425 East Scenic Drive

HD#55. Ca. 1910. Interestingly massed story-and-a-half Colonial Revival dwelling with jerkinhead roof and second level of double-tiered gallery cut into roof. Sheltered by shed roof. Square columns.

427 East Scenic Drive

HD#50. Ca. 1890. Picturesquely massed and detailed story-and-a-half dwelling with steep broad jerkinhead roof. Five-bay inset gallery of first level is balanced by a three-bay second-level gallery set into the roof matched on rear by range of French doors to shallow balcony. Decorative scalloped skirts on all eaves. Porte-cochere on either side of gallery. Rear service ell connected to house by frame hyphen.

501 East Scenic Drive

HD#49. Ca. 1910. Two-story, frame, Colonial Revival dwelling with inset gallery and shed-roofed upper gallery set into the gable roof. Coupled Tuscan columns on gallery. Chinese trellis balustrade encloses second level.

503 East Scenic Drive

HD#48. Ca. 1895. 1915. Picturesquely massed two-story frame dwelling with projecting stepped central pavilion. Double-tiered gallery set with fluted Tuscan Ionic columns and turned balustrade on second level. Full-length four-over-four windows service gallery. Boxy two-story rear addition constructed ca. 1915.

507 East Scenic Drive

HD#47. “Courtenay-Arnold House”. 1887. Conservative,one-story frame, five-bay, hip-roofed cottage. Inset gallery with square columns. Pedimented dormer ventilates attic. Attached rear service ell. Unaltered interior. A good late example of popular antebellum form. Built by Cloisel Courtenay.

509 East Scenic Drive

HD#46. “Chapoitae House”. Ca. 1905. 1926-27. Eclectic, boxy, two-story, frame dwelling with double-tiered inset gallery and mission-style tile roof. Built on extremely narrow lot. Driveway undercuts second level on east side. House burned and was extensively reworked 1926-27. Entrance door with circular-headed transom reputedly salvaged from Mexican Gulf Hotel.

511 East Scenic Drive

HD#101. Ca. 1915. Modest, one-story, frame, hip-roofed cottage. Shed-roofed front gallery. Exposed rafter ends. Moved from beachfront location on south side of Scenic Drive.

513 East Scenic Drive

HD#45. Ca. 1910. Picturesque, two-story, frame, chalet-type bungalow set gable end to street. Double-tiered inset gallery features pergola detailing and extends into a porte-cochere on western end. Gable end detailed with range of casement windows and shallow balcony. Unaltered.

519 East Scenic Drive

HD#44. “Breaux-Clay House”. Ca. 1895. 1940. Gracious, two-story, frame, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling. Double-tiered inset gallery with giant-order square columns. Handsome Ionic-columned frontispiece surrounds single-leaf door with leaded-glass upper panel and carved lower panel. Thermal windowed dormer on front elevation. Two-story hip-roofed addition to west side. Porte-cochere on eastern end.

525 East Scenic Drive

HD#43. “Crosby House”. 1967-68. Well-proportioned, one-story, brick, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling based on the Louisiana plantation form. Central five-bay mass balanced by two-bay recessed wings. Handsome Ionic-columned frontispiece with elliptical transom accentuates central entrance bay. Designed by Richard Koch of Koch & Wilson, New Orleans.

533 East Scenic Drive

HD#42. “Markle House”. 1935-36. Well-proportioned, two-story, brick, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling with flanking, one-story, hip-roofed wings. Double-tiered inset gallery with cabinets enclosed with louvered blinds. Fence, landscaping, and color scheme of pink and turquoise complement well-preserved period piece. Designed by Richard Koch of Koch & Wilson, New Orleans.

541 East Scenic Drive

HD#41. 1850s. Later nineteenth-and twentieth-century additions. Rambling, nine-bay-long, one-story, frame dwelling. Inset gallery with square columns set beneath stepped hip roof. Original house consisted of five westernmost bays. Numerous rear ells include former outbuildings now attached to main house.

543 East Scenic Drive

HD#40. Ca. 1910. Boxy, story-and-a-half, frame dwelling with both bungaloid and Colonial Revival detailing. Two-bay shed-roofed dormer set into gable roof. Inset gallery features truncated octagonal columns carrying a central pediment and paneled square columns.

549 East Scenic Drive

HD#38. “Judge Baker Cottage”. Antebellum. 1947. Typical one-story frame, five-bay cottage with inset gallery. Incorporates earlier three-bay cottage. Enlarged and remodeled in the Colonial Revival style ca. 1947.

551 East Scenic Drive

HD#37. “Ballymere”. 1840s. 1928-1930. Later additions. Handsome, long, one-story, frame, gable-roofed,Colonial Revival dwelling having as its nucleus early two-room Creole cottage with nogging construction. Inset gallery with chamfered posts shelters entire eleven-bay facade. Original portion features exposed beaded beams and beaded baseboard. Twentieth century enlargement is one of the best examples of the Colonial Revival style in the district. Valuable period piece.

601 East Scenic Drive

HD#36. Ca. 1895. Asymmetrically massed, one-story, frame, hip-roofed dwelling with octagonal-ended projecting end pavilion. Symmetrical inset gallery with battered square columns wraps around two sides. Numerous rear additions, some apparently former outbuildings.

603 East Scenic Drive

HD#35. Ca. 1905. Story-and-a-half frame dwelling set gable end to street. Hip-roof gallery with square columns. Flat-roofed porte-cochere on western end. Raised from one-story cottage after 1930.

607 East Scenic Drive

HD#34. “Martin-McDiarmid House”. Ca. 1897. 1910. Richly detailed, raised, one-story, frame, hip-roofed dwelling. Late nineteenth-century structure with inset gallery remodeled in flamboyant Colonial Revival style by master builder Frank Wittmann. Pilastered frontispieces with projecting cornices surround facade fenestration. Gallery set with coupled, stylized, Doric columns. Pedimented dormers with decorative millwork in tympanum ventilate attic. Interior intact.

613 East Scenic Drive

HD#33. “Legier-Frye House”. Ca. 1910. Superbly detailed and proportions two-story, frame, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling with some bungaloid elements. Built by master builder Frank Wittmann. Lattice-enclosed, pergola-like entrance porch and pilastered side solaria topped by roof gardens. One of the most architecturally progressive and best-preserved dwellings on the beach. Low picket fence and landscaping complement architecture. Earlier pedimented one-story frame cottage with square-columned inset gallery also on property.

623 East Scenic Drive

HD#100. Ca. 1938. Modest one-story frame cottage with gabled-ended pavilion. May incorporate portion of earlier structure that burned some time after 1930. Coupled fenestration. Simple shed-roofed gallery.

625 East Scenic Drive

HD#32. “Leovy-Hill House”. Ca. 1890. 1913. Story-and-a-half, frame, hip-roofed dwelling with inset gallery that partly wraps around eastern and western elevations. Remodeled in the eclectic Colonial Revival style by Frank Wittmann in 1913. Shed-roof dormer links pedimented dormers on south and west elevations. Pergola-like porte-cochere on eastern end of gallery.

629 East Scenic Drive

HD#31. “Weigand House”. Late nineteenth century. Charming, diminutive, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, shotgun-form cottage with board-and-batten rear service ell. Inset gallery shelters original three bays. Shed-roofed side porch added to eastern elevation and subsequently enclosed after 1930. Small three-bay cottage appears to predate main house.

635 East Scenic Drive

HD#30. Ca. 1900. Picturesque, two-story, frame, Colonial Revival dwelling with hip-on-mansard roof. Inset gallery with Tuscan columns wraps around three sides. Pedimented projecting pavilion and semicircular portico define central entrance bay.

641 East Scenic Drive

HD#29. Ca. 1910. Two-story frame Colonial Revival dwelling with double-tiered inset gallery beneath gable roof. Gallery set with square columns and lattice balustrade at second level. Exterior end chimney. Stylistically attributed to Frank Wittmann. Good example of late use of popular coastal form.

645 East Scenic Drive

HD#121. “Lamantia House”. 1940s. Undistinguished, one-story, frame, vernacular dwelling with flat-roofed gallery sheltering facade. Small scale of house is disruptive to street rhythm.

647 East Scenic Drive

HD#28. “Courtenay House”. 1874. Conservative story-and-a-half frame five-bay vernacular dwelling with inset gallery. Square columns and plain balustrade. Three pedimented dormers with casement windows. Nicely proportioned house. Well restored by present owners.

657 East Scenic Drive

HD#27. Ca. 1875. Broad, story-and-a-half cottage with square-columned inset gallery. Conservative styling suggests structure built by one of the Courtenays. Pilastered pedimented dormers added recently. Range of three small double-hung windows in each gable end. Numerous rear ells.

701 East Scenic Drive

HD#26. Antebellum. Diminutive, one-story, three-bay, frame cottage with inset gallery. Double-leaf doors with glazed upper panels service gallery. Originally built as garconiere for house at 709 East Scenic Drive. Extensively enlarged on the rear and remodeled. Westernmost bay of gallery enclosed.

709 East Scenic Drive

HD#25. “Legendre House”. Antebellum. Early twentieth century. Nicely proportioned story-and-a-half frame dwelling with inset gallery. Square columns carry stylized entablature. Cast-iron balustrade. False jibs under nine-over-nine windows on facade. Remodeled in Colonial Revival style. Picturesque carriage house survives. Service ell with inset gallery moved to back of property. Well-preserved complex.

715 East Scenic Drive

HD#24. Antebellum. Ca. 1905. Eclectic, story-and-a-half brick dwelling with distinctive clipped-gabled roof form. Three squat, hip-roofed, bungaloid dormers dominate facade, Tuscan-columned inset gallery that bows at central entrance bay wraps around three sides of house. Incorporates earlier house that was apparently very similar to 729 East Scenic Drive. Numerous rear ells and attached outbuildings.

723 East Scenic Drive

HD#120. 1964. Undistinguished, modernistic, low, one-story, brick-veneer, ranch house. Stylistically incompatible with older surrounding structures.

729 East Scenic Drive

HD#22. “Yandel-Hackett House”. 1849. Story-and-a-half brick, five-bay Greek Revival dwelling with a broad, three-bay, pedimented portico set against inset gallery. Distinctive lintels with foliated end and center blocks. Attached rear service ell. Later casement dormers. One of two brick antebellum dwellings in the district.

733 East Scenic Drive

HD#99. Ca. 1920. Modest, one-story, frame, four-bay cottage with steeply pitched gable roof. Inset gallery with square columns. Overhanging eaves. Late-nineteenth-century cast-iron fence encloses property on south.

737 East Scenic Drive

HD#21. 1870s. Two-story, frame, single-pile, vernacular cottage with double-tiered inset gallery under gable roof. Originally had chimneys on east and north elevations. Two-story cottage form is unusual.

741 East Scenic Drive

HD#20. Ca. 1926. Long, one-story, frame cottage converted from the gardner’s cottage when the main house burned in 1925. Facade screened by long columned arbor supporting mature wisteria vine. Simple structure enhanced by careful landscaping.

743 East Scenic Drive

HD#19. 1920s. Long, low, one-story, five-bay, frame, gable-roofed cottage with inset gallery. Double-leaf doors with glazed upper panels service gallery Most distinctive feature is pelican statuary on chimney stack.

753 East Scenic Drive

HD#18. “Seaton-Davis House”. Ca. 1847. Distinctive one-story, hip-roofed vernacular dwelling with carpenter Gothic styling of the inset gallery. Paneled dado in gallery and central hall. Cottage and carriage house survive. Most distinctive antebellum structure in the district.

757 East Scenic Drive

HD#17. “Davis Cottage”. Ca. 1890. Raised, one-story, frame, hip-roofed cottage with inset gallery. Structure detailed to complement styling of earlier cottage at 753 East Scenic Drive. Originally part of same property. Apparently unaltered.

765 East Scenic Drive

HD#98. 1972. Stylistically weak, two-story, blond-brick, five-bay, Colonial Revival house built on the site of “Dixie Whitehouse,”that was severely damaged during Hurricane Camille in 1969. Tuscan-columned porte-cochere on east end.

801 East Scenic Drive

HD#15. Ca. 1920. Long, low, one-story frame bungalow-vernacular cottage. Shed-roofed gallery shelters facade. Casement windows. Shed-roofed dormer with range of four small casement windows. Numerous rear ells.

805 East Scenic Drive

HD#14. Ca. 1900. Large, asymmetrically massed, two-story, frame, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival cottage with double-tiered gallery. Tuscan columns. Central cross gable with Palladian-motif fenestration gives illusion of symmetrical massing. Full-length windows service gallery.

811 East Scenic Drive

HD#13. Ca. 1885. Picturesque raised story-and-a-half, frame, gable-on-hip-roofed cottage. Inset gallery with Tuscan columns and turned balustrade. Full-length four-over-six windows onto gallery. Pedimented dormers have sunburst motif in tympanum. One of the most distinctive late nineteenth-century cottages in the district. Unaltered.

829 East Scenic Drive

HD#12. “McCutcheon-Ewing House”. Ca. 1850. 1938. Handsome hip-roofed, frame, Greek Revival dwelling raised to two stories in 1938. Stilted-arch arcade supports impressive flat-roofed portico set with square columns. Elaborate Federal-esque frontispieces date from 1938 remodeling. Plain interior.

845 East Scenic Drive

HD#97. “Monroe House”. 1964. Large, two-and-a-half-story, mottled brick, hip-roofed Colonial Revival dwelling. Built on site formerly occupied by earlier house. Stylistically compatible with neighboring buildings.

849 East Scenic Drive

HD#11. “Harrison-Baiter House”. Ca. 1849. Remarkably complete one-story, frame, nine-bay, hip-roofed, vernacular, Greek Revival dwelling with an inset gallery with octagonal columns. Some ca. 1905 Colonial Revival modifications. Impressive assemblage of outbuildings includes servants’ quarters/kitchen, bathhouse, carriage house, and gazebo.

855 East Scenic Drive

HD#10. Late nineteenth century. Ca. 1920. Undistinguished frame hip-roofed vernacular dwelling with two-story central mass flanked by one-story wings with inset galleries. Apparently incorporates earlier traditional cottage. Picturesquely detailed story-and-a-half barn/servants’ quarters to rear.

861 East Scenic Drive

HD#9. “McCutcheon-Butler House”. Ca. 1850. Beautifully situated, one-story, five-bay, Greek Revival dwelling. Classically inspired flat-roofed gallery with simple square columns carrying a stylized entablature. Whole serves as an overscaled frontispiece. House is similar in style to 829 East Scenic Drive, which was also built by a McCutcheon. Well preserved.

901 East Scenic Drive

HD#8. Ca. 1915. One-story frame hip-roofed bungalow. Peculiar asymmetrical massing. Hip-roofed eastern wing. Extensively remodeled. Rear service ell connected to house by hyphen. Unaltered barn/garage.

905 East Scenic Drive

HD#7. Antebellum. Ca. 1900. Richly detailed story-and-a-half frame dwelling set gable end to the street. Incorporates earlier one-story, five-bay coastal cottage. Raised and enlarged ca. 1900. Octagonal-ended addition on eastern elevation features Tudor Revival chimney. Inset gallery with square columns wraps around two sides. Denticulated cornice.

915 East Scenic Drive

HD#119. Early 1970s. Small, modern, one-story, brick, ranch house built on perimeter of site of the large noted Grey Castle, the nucleus of which was a rambling Queen Anne house.

923 East Scenic Drive

HD#6. Ca. 1920. Monumental, eclectic, two-story, stuccoed dwelling with tiled hip roof. Bracketed overhanging eaves. Central entrance bay defined by a flat-roofed, semicircular, Tuscan-columned portico. Cobblestone driveway and impressive iron fence added by present owners. Work in progress.

931 East Scenic Drive

HD#5. “Eslick House”. Ca. 1890. Large, two-story, frame, Shingle style dwelling. Offset octagonal-ended tower. Earlier one-story kitchen wing to east. Numerous rear ells. Best example of shingle style in district. Vacant. Fair condition.

939 East Scenic Drive

HD#4. Ca. 1905. Distinguished, picturesquely massed, two-story, frame, gable-roofed dwelling. Broad overhanging eaves set with Japanese brackets. Large gabled balcony defines central entrance bay. Porte-cochere on eastern elevation.

943 East Scenic Drive

HD#3. Ca. 1850. Complete one-story, frame, gable-roofed, five-bay coast cottage. Inset gallery with square columns. Double-leaf doors with glazed upper panels service gallery. Late-nineteenth century addition to eastern elevation. Rear service ell and cottage survive. One of the best preserved antebellum cottage complexes in the district.

947 East Scenic Drive

HD#2. Ca. 1900. Extremely well-proportioned one-story, frame, five-bay Colonial Revival cottage with a graceful bell-cast hip roof. Inset gallery with fluted Doric columns. Gracious turn-of-the-century variation on the popular coast cottage form. Numerous rear ells.

951 East Scenic Drive

HD#118. “Gospel Singers of America Building”. Ca. 1971. Undistinguished, modern, two-story, brick, flat-roofed structure. Inset gallery carried by square brick piers wraps around two sides. Setback and scale defer to older neighboring structures. Live-oak shaded lot.

957 East Scenic Drive

HD#117. 1948. Undistinguished, small, one-story, frame, two-bay, hip-roofed cottage. Deep setback. Heavily landscaped lot minimizes impact of this intrusion.

961 East Scenic Drive

HD#1. “Baldwin House”. Ca. 1890. Picturesquely massed and handsomely detailed two-story, frame Queen Anne cottage. Exterior brick chimney with stone quoins on eastern elevation. Handsome cast-iron fence made by C. A. Magnin of Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Stylistically one of the most important and best preserved houses in the district.

554 East Second Street

HD#39. Late nineteenth century. 1908. Boxy, two-story, vernacular frame dwelling that incorporates earlier one-story carriage house originally located behind 541 East Scenic Drive. Moved and converted in 1908. Each face of hip roof set with central cross gable. Scalloped skirt on main eaves and full-length gallery.

722 East Second Street

HD#23. 1922. Boxy, two-story, frame, hip-roofed Colonial Revival dwelling. Flat-roofed gallery set with coupled fluted Doric columns. Circular-head fenestration of first level added after house was moved from beachfront in 1963. Originally located at 723 East Scenic Drive. Goldstein Architects designed the 1922 structure.

100 West Scenic Drive

HD#127. Pass Christian Industries, Inc. 1920s. Later additions. Windowless, one-story, partially stuccoed, brick-and-cinder-block light industrial complex now used as garment factory. Incorporates Art Deco garage. White paint partially mitigates harshness of this intrusion.

110 West Scenic Drive

HD#76. “Courtenay House”. Ca. 1920. Large, boxy two-story, stuccoed, hip-roofed, mission-style dwelling. Three-bay double-tiered stilted-arcade, inset gallery dominates facade. Cast iron balustrade. Coupled windows on side elevations.

118-1/2 West Scenic Drive

HD#77. 1870s. Typical, one-story, gable-roofed, two-room frame cottage with inset gallery. Double-leaf entrance door to each room. Moved to present location in 1958. Sensitive rehabilitation.

118 West Scenic Drive

HD#128. 1950. One-story frame ranch house sheathed with German siding. Central cross gable. Pedimented entrance hood.

120 West Scenic Drive

HD#78. Ca. 1850. Originally a story-and-a-half, frame, five-bay, coastal cottage; gallery with square columns wrapped around three full sides of house. Consoles carrying overhanging cornice over each bay on stuccoed facade. Distinctive pilastered dormers added. Numerous rear ells attaching former outbuilding and enclosing galleries. Currently under restoration. Most significant antebellum house on western portion of beachfront.

122 West Scenic Drive

HD#79. “Crescent Hotel Annex”. Ca. 1860. Two-story, frame, gable-roofed, coastal cottage with double-tiered inset gallery with giant-order square columns. Well preserved. Best local example of this regional vernacular form.

126 West Scenic Drive

HD#80. “Crescent Hotel”. 1887. Large, two-and-a-half-story, frame, gable-roofed, coastal cottage with double-tiered inset galleries. Pedimented dormers. Clapboard under asbestos siding. Only extant nineteenth-century structure built as a hotel. Work in progress.

128 West Scenic Drive

HD#81. Ca. 1885. Picturesque, one-story, frame, Queen Anne cottage. Broad, gable-roofed end pavilion features octagonal end and bay window.

130 West Scenic Drive

HD#82. Ca. 1890. Unaltered, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, coastal cottage with inset gallery with square columns. Denticulated cornice. Octagonal-ended bay centered on rear elevation. Good example of popular regional vernacular form.

134 West Scenic Drive

HD#83. Ca. 1890. Richly detailed and picturesquely massed, story-and-a-half , frame, Queen Anne cottage. Gallery features turned posts, spool frieze, and corner brackets. Gable pieces. Eastlake frontispiece. Best example of Queen Anne style in the district. Unaltered.

136 West Scenic Drive

HD#84. “Lang House”. Ca. 1925. Story-and-a-half, frame, gable-roofed bungalow with inset gallery with coupled square columns. Geometric lattice screen links columns. Centered shed-roofed dormer. Unaltered. One of the most exemplary bungalows in the district.

200 West Scenic Drive

HD#129. “Pass Christian City Hall”. 1970-71. One-story, blond-brick, flat-roofed structure with inset galleries front and rear. Built on site of high school destroyed by Hurricane Camille.

204 West Scenic Drive

HD#85. 1850-55. Ca. 1910. Large, story-and-a-half, frame, gable-roofed, coastal cottage. Inset gallery refreshed in bungalow style. Large pedimented dormer with coupled sash.

208 West Scenic Drive

HD#86. Ca. 1880. Distinctive, story-and-a-half, frame, clipped-gabled-roofed dwelling. Nicely detailed pedimented dormers. Inset gallery with massive chamfered posts. Small pediment defines central entrance bay. Interesting verticle proportions. Rear service ell.

216 West Scenic Drive

HD#130. “Miramar Nursing Home”. 1971. Rambling, undistinguished, one-story, blond-brick, flat-roofed, institutional structure. Built on site of Miramar Hotel.

226 West Scenic Drive

HD#114. Ca. 1910. Story-and-a-half frame dwelling. Gallery set with Tuscan columns. Cast-iron balustrade. Modern dormers detract from aesthetic value of structure.

230 West Scenic Drive

HD#87. Antebellum. Ca. 1890. Picturesque two-story, frame, mock-mansard-roofed house. Dwelling incorporates antebellum structure. Some period plasterwork survives. Richly detailed gallery with spool frieze. One of the most distinctively styled residences in the district. Unaltered. Rear service ell.

520 West Scenic Drive

HD#88. “Watkins-Hecht House, “Middlegate””. 1911. Numerous additions. Large, rambling, two-story, frame bungalow continually enlarged since its construction. One-story projecting gabled pavilion set against two-story mass of house creates picturesque massing. Extensive, elaborate Japanese gardens, complete with pavilions and statuary, rank among the finest in United States. Gardens developed by Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hecht, 1923-29.

706 West Scenic Drive

HD#89. Ca. 1905. Asymmetrically massed, raised, story-and-a-half, frame bungalow with terra cotta tile roof. Imitation half-timbering in projecting gable ends. Inset gallery wraps around two sides. Well-detailed house.

710 West Scenic Drive

HD#90. 1871. Richly detailed, raised, one-story, frame dwelling set on high brick basement. Five-bay facade sheltered by flat-roofed portico on arcaded base. Fluted Corinthian columns, turned balustrade, bracketed cornice that continues on gable ends. Facade set in German siding. Copping on ridge of roof. Architectural! one of the most distinguished structures in the district.

716 West Scenic Drive

HD#91. Antebellum. Ca, 1925. Boxy, two-story, frame, hip-roofed Colonial Revival dwelling. Flat-roofed gallery with Tuscan columns wraps around three sides. Present structure incorporates antebellum dwelling.

722 West Scenic Drive

HD#92. Antebellum. Ca. 1930. One-story, five-bay, vernacular, Greek Revival dwelling with inset gallery. Raised to two stories and ground level bricked ca. 1930. Picturesque, unusually massed, two-story, kitchen/cottage outbuilding.

800 West Scenic Drive

HD#93. “Parham-Katz House”. Ca. 1909. Ca. 1925. Lavishly detailed two-and-a-half-story, frame, Colonial Revival dwelling with a giant-order, flat-roofed portico and end pavilions. Gracious interior plan. House remodeled ca. 1925 by Frank Wittmann.

1010 West Scenic Drive

HD#115. Ca. 1915. Two-story, frame, three-bay, gambrel-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling. Large, shed-roofed dormer with coupled sash. Inset gallery with Tuscan columns. Sliding glass doors replace original windows on first level.

1012 West Scenic Drive

HD#94. “The Castle”. 1922. Numerous additions until 1966. Unique, two-story, poured concrete, eclectic, mission-style dwelling. Stepped parapet and offset circular tower dominate facade. Painted Greek meander string course.

1020 West Scenic Drive

HD#116. Ca. 1918. Story-and-a-half frame gable-roofed bungalow. Broad shed-roofed dormer. Three-bay hip-roofed gallery with paneled square columns.

1024 West Scenic Drive

HD#95. “Stith-Morse House”. Ca. 1890. Boxy, two-story, frame, hip-roofed, Colonial Revival dwelling with double-tiered inset gallery. First level piers are brick; second level set with Tuscan columns and turned balustrade. Handsome Colonial Revival staircase installed during ca. 1950 refitting by Koch and Wilson of New Orleans. Small cottage on site predates main house.

1040 West Scenic Drive

HD#96. Ca. 1923. One-story stuccoed mission-style dwelling with arcaded gallery and tile roof. Picturesquely massed. Integrity preserved.

113 Davis Avenue

HD#66. Ca. 1910. Diminutive, one-story, stuccoed, Neo-Classical, commercial structure. Inset, Tuscan-columned portico and parapet conceals nearly flat roof. Unaltered. Originally built as bank.

105 Lang Avenue

HD#16. Late nineteenth century. Originally part of the Dixie White House complex. House badly damaged and partly destroyed by Hurricane Camille in 1969. Lot subsequently subdivided. Generously proportioned, three-bay, Shingle style carriage house survives. Paneled, circular-head doors.

117 Seal Avenue

HD#51. Ca. 1895. Modest, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, four-bay cottage with inset gallery. Double entrance doors flanked by six-over-six windows. Good example of popular coastal vernacular cottage form.

121 Seal Avenue

HD#52. Ca. 1910. One-story frame hip-roofed cottage with coupled fenestration. Exposed rafter ends. Entrance hood carried on earlier millworked brackets.

123 Seal Avenue

HD#103. Ca. 1905. Modest, one-story, frame, hip-roofed cottage with inset gallery. Older, late-nineteenth-century structure or wing on the rear. Extensively remodeled with new materials, but preserves original massing.

127 Seal Avenue

HD#53. Ca. 1900. Modest, one-story, frame, hip-roofed, four-bay cottage with inset gallery. Simple gallery posts with stepped caps. Couble entrance doors flanked by six-over-six windows. Facade set in flush siding. Best preserved of the row.

131 Seal Avenue

HD#54. Ca. 1900. Typical, one-story, frame, hip-roofed vernacular cottage with inset gallery. Plain gallery posts with molded caps and X-motif balustrade. Good example of popular coastal cottage form.

113 Seal Street

HD#102. Ca. 1920. One-story frame hip-roof cottage with bungaloid detailing. Inset gallery with battered pylons on high brick pedestals. Exposed rafter ends. Good example of bungaloid detailing of the common cottage form.