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"Pass Christian… where the climate, people and surroundings are all delightful." — Theodore Roosevelt

715 East Scenic Drive

A photo of 715 East Scenic in 1978, from the National Register application for the Scenic Drive Historic District.


From the “Inventory of Buildings in District”:

Antebellum. Ca. 1905. Eclectic, story-and-a-half brick dwelling with distinctive clipped-gabled roof form. Three squat, hip-roofed, bungaloid dormers dominate facade, Tuscan-columned inset gallery that bows at central entrance bay wraps around three sides of house. Incorporates earlier house that was apparently very similar to 729 East Scenic Drive. Numerous rear ells and attached outbuildings.

– National Register of Historic Places, Inventory — Nomination Form, 1978

* Featured in the Pass Christian Historical Society’s 2009 Tour of Homes. Tour program notes:

715 East Scenic – Mr. and Mrs. William Kimble, 1840s, remodeled 1905. Incorporates an earlier house of brick and timber. This lovely home is the last antebellum brick home in Pass Christian and that it is of brick suggests that it is among the very earliest homes. Tradition has it that there had been an early 19th century brick yard nearby (although the nearest clay sources would have been miles away.) The rounded portico in front was part of an early twentieth century renovation done when such porticos were all the rage in the Pass. (Our famous Mexican Gulf Hotel at Davis Avenue installed a similar portico at about this time.) If you look at the home from, say, Hackett Lane, you can see the earlier lines of the home off to the east. William Hardie, who with his brother drilled the first artesian well in the Pass, was an early owner of this home.